Coffee on the Brain

We think about coffee a lot over here and according to a recent article in Forbes, that alone can stimulate the brain.

The article relates a study by a professor at the University of Toronto. It showed increased levels of brain activity in people when they were prompted with java-related images such as coffee beans and even coffee mugs.

This could be good news for cafe owners that want to tempt passersby with coffee imagery on sandwich boards.


There are other marketing tricks that go beyond mere signage, too. We like to see bags of coffee on display behind the counter and at point-of-sale. We have a small collection of vintage stove-top coffee percolators on display at one of our cafes in Brooklyn (320 Franklin Ave). Bags and other accoutrement are most effective when visible from outside the shop. Make it easy for the consumer; don’t make them guess at what you’re doing in there. Chances are good they’re already thinking about coffee anyway.