Naturally-Processed Coffees

What sets our coffee apart? Kitten specializes in coffee beans prepared at origin using the “natural process.” The coffee bean begins its life inside a fruit, or coffee cherry. The natural method involves leaving that cherry to dry in the sun after it's been picked. This allows for a natural fermentation process, which infuses the beans with flavor. 

This method means a fuller cup of coffee with zero bitterness. With no bitterness to get in the way, the chocolate notes and more subtle fruit notes come alive.

All of our coffee beans can be used for espresso, filter or cold brew coffee. 


Coffees Currently On Offer


Country of Origin: Brazil
Regions : Cerrado
Varietals : Catuaí, Mundo Novo
Altitude: 2950 - 4260 ft
Notes: Citrus, Chocolate, Caramel

Tandem (A Blend)

Countries: Brazil, Ethiopia
Varietals: Catuaí, Mundo Novo (Brazil)
Altitude: 3280-4200 ft
Notes: Blueberry, Chocolate, Caramel


Swiss Water Decaf

Country of Origin: Colombia
Region: Cerrado
Altitude: 2900 - 3600 ft
Notes: Toasted Almond, Chocolate



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